Życzenia noworoczne dla Sangtera Rinpoche

Z rdością informujemy, że przekazaliśmy list z życzeniami dla Sangtera Rinpoche !

   Dear Sangter Rinpoche,We would like to thank You Lama Rinpoche from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and kindness that you Rinpoche la have always been showing to us. We cherish every moment of our meetings online and forever remain grateful for inspiring us to truly appreciate all the conditions we have got to practise the Dharma.
   Remembering Your words Rinpoche la, we do our best every single day to put into practice everything we have learnt from our Lamas. Thank You Lama Rinpoche for all your prayers, for making it possible for us to experience peace and for keeping reminding us what is really important.

Sanga Poznan